Speakers – Nature Aquarium Festival 2022

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We’ve gathered globally renown aquascapers, studio/ gallery owners, hobbyists and domain experts, who have prepared exclusive programs just for NAF’ 2021. You’ll hear & learn from them, interact with these industry leaders about everything you need to know, to take your Aquascaping and Nature Aquarium set-up skills above and beyond.

Balazs Farkas

Managing Director, Green Aqua LLC

Does this Gentleman need any introductions? “Your Friendly Neighbourhood Aquascaper” thanks to the internet and the wonderful team working at Green Aqua that brings the world of Nature Aquariums into our living rooms and on to our screens. Balazs is the most acclaimed Hungarian aquascaper with three top rankings in the IAPLC and a Bronze winning aquascape at the EAPLC 2014. Also a judge at numerous international aquascaping contests. Being a financial manager and responsible for the creative product development at Green Aqua, he sure has his hands full with all the videos that he dishes out for us regularly. As a matter of fact he will be setting-up an ADA Cube Garden 60P for his fans around the world at the NAF 2021.

André Longarço

Sao Paulo, Brazil

An architect originally, he also is a creator and presenter of a TV program for aquarists, a champion Aquasacaper, an aquascaping judge for numerous national and international aquascaping contests, has a love for orchids and bonsai’s too. Sharing with us, his expertise, the techniques- what it takes to get done and most importantly what makes the Brazilian style of Aquascaping so unique. Something that we will be exposed to in a workshop environment for the 1st time at NAF’ 2021 is what makes it all the more exciting.

Hiten Goolab

South Africa

One of the Judges at the South African Aquascaping Contest whose aim is to give the nature lovers and aquascapers of South Africa the opportunity to experience the World of Nature Aquariums and Aqua Design Amano. Hiten will be telling us what we need to know about the unusual yet breathtaking Waterfalls in aquascapes and aquascaping.

Steven Lo

Aqua Forest Aquariums

San Francisco, USA

Steven alongwith his brother funded The Archaea International Corporation back-in 2004 following which they opened their store- Aqua Forest Aquarium in San Farancisco. He is an avid Aquascaper & Nature Aquarium lover, introducing the world of Nature Aquariums to North America. He is also associated with the Aquatic Gardeners association (AGA) and a regular at AGA’s conventions. He will be sharing his knowledge, experience and expertise with us and considering that he is also a regular contestant at the international contests for Aquascapers, this would be a session not to miss as he is covering the Terra Base.

Albert Dong


Albert Doang is a plant hunter who is an architect by profession but out of his love for the wild unexplored nature he has the passion for hunting plants in the dense forests of South East Asia. He has extensively travelled into the remote forest and lived with many tribals to be able to hunt down exotic plants that have never been seen or published. He will be showcasing various plants that he has collected over the last few years in a live interaction.

Adip Sajjan Raj

Still Water Aquatics

Founder & Managing Director

A protégé of the late Takashi Amano, Founder, ADA, Japan, Adip is a Bio-Medical Engineer, he possesses a passion for aquatic life and ecosystems with close to two decades of professional experience & knowledge in aquarium design, setup, filtration, life support system, aquascaping, disease management and much more. While he drives SWA from the front, for this years NAF he will be showcasing the latest DOOA Palluda system.

Nature Aquarium Festival 2021

10 – 11th

APRIL 2021

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